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Foamballs Direct
Foam balls Foam balls Foam balls Foam balls
Indoor Foam Balls

Ideal for use in gym halls / classrooms.

Light weight and low cost.

Multiple sizes to suit different levels of
   skill development.

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Foam Balls Direct

We manufacture foam balls of all shapes and sizes, they are generally used for youth sports training, school sports and activities, police authorities and even festivals.

There are two type of foam ball which we manufacture. The first one is our Indoor PU Moulded balls, these are self skinning foam balls designed for youth training activities. They have a soft coating which is ideal only really for indoor play. Our other type is the outdoor ball, this is a soft foam ball with a thick coating sprayed on to the outside giving your ball a tough, durable and realistic feel. These can be used for both indoor and outdoor play.

Outdoor Foam Balls
A tough coated skin for longer use.

Doesn't degrade quickly if using on hard surfaces or in wet weather.

The thick coating gives it a realistic weight
   which is perfect for youth training.

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English Premier Skin
Manufactured in the UK
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